Making Sure The Concrete is Your Home is Cared For

Tips on proper refinishing of a concrete floor

Concrete is the second most consumed product on the globe after water. When concrete floors are new and fresh, they usually look great. However, as they age, they will start developing weaknesses such as cracks and portholes. When this happens, the aesthetic value of the floor decreases greatly and its safety and cleanliness are also compromised. It is therefore important to ensure that any weaknesses which develop on the floor are repaired in time, and that the repairs are made in a way which protects the floor from future damage.

Repairing spalls and cracks

It is advisable to repair any crack or spall which is greater than the width of a credit card. Most people are tempted to fill these small spaces with fillers which are effective in the short term, but not durable for the long term. When the repair is done with concrete the first time, you are assured that the repair material will not fall off and that larger cracks and portholes do not develop from the small cracks. Note that the bigger the cracks get, the more you will have a hard time repairing them.

Sealing the surface

Another mistake most people make when dealing with concrete flooring is that they fail to seal them properly. When this happens, the concrete starts dusting, and the new process of disintegration starts from that point. For instance, when concrete has started dusting, you will have an uphill task when you try to keep your forklift tyres from breaking down. The end result will be you having to spend more.

Creating a proper maintenance schedule

The other step which you need to follow is creation of a proper maintenance schedule for the concrete. There is certain cleaning, polishing and other maintenance processes which you can follow to help you keep your concrete surfaces in perfect condition. When you add polishing to the surface after the repairs, you are able to protect it further from breaking down and restore the new look.

All these are benefits which will be achieved when you have a competent person handling the repair process. Before you start a repair project, take time to select a trusted commercial concreter. This is the person who will determine the success or ultimate breakdown of your concrete surfaces. Start by getting referrals from people you can trust. Interrogate the person and see whether they are certified and licensed. With a competent concreter, the project will be very easy to carry out.