Making Sure The Concrete is Your Home is Cared For

Tips on Keeping Your Commercial Concrete Kerbing Looking as New Over the Long Term

If you are looking to give your commercial landscape the ultimate finished look, commercial kerbing is the way to go. Commercial kerbing is an edging system that borders driveways, walkways, lawns, patios, trees, sitting areas, and other features on your landscape. 

Concrete kerbing is by far the most popular choice for businesses looking for a sensible edging product. It is a durable, versatile and low-maintenance product. Additionally, concrete kerbs come in an array of styles, shapes, colours and patterns, so finding something that improves the outdoor appearance of your property shouldn't be that difficult. 

While concrete kerbing is a low-maintenance product, it requires a little care to keep looking pristine over the long term. Here's what to do in this regard.

Remove efflorescence 

Efflorescence is not an uncommon phenomenon in concrete and other masonry. It is the white, powder-like substance that forms on concrete when salt-bearing water comes in contact with the surface of concrete. Even though efflorescence occurs on occasion, it never looks good on concrete. Therefore, it is important to curb the issue as soon as it is discovered. 

If you see efflorescence on your concrete edging system, you can use water under pressure to remove it. For stubborn efflorescence, you may need to do some light brushing prior to spraying the concrete with water. Most importantly, make sure the water that you use does not contain a significant amount of water-soluble salts.

Repair cracked concrete

Concrete cracks widen and become larger over time if not repaired quickly. This can lead to costlier repair issues, especially if the damaged concrete will need to be replaced. From an aesthetic point of view, concrete cracks are a definite no-no, as they are too conspicuous to go unnoticed. 

Commercial concrete kerbs are usually subjected to a lot of abuse, from vehicles and heavy machinery, to harsh weather, to trees and more, and cracking is one of the signs that points to this abuse. No matter the reason why cracks may appear on your concrete, it is always important to have the problem fixed immediately.

If you successfully handle problems with efflorescence and cracking, you stand a better chance at getting the most service life out of your concrete kerbing. For further advice and guidance on how to care for your commercial concrete kerbing so it keeps looking nice for years to come, feel free to speak to a concrete kerbing specialist. They are better-placed to provide the answers you may seek.