Making Sure The Concrete is Your Home is Cared For

Concrete Repair Techniques for Commercial Applications

Concrete is used in many different commercial applications. From the floors of industries and schools to driveways and sidewalks, concrete has been utilised as a durable and reliable material. However, concrete is not immune to damage.

Repairing commercial concrete surfaces should be done in a high quality and timely manner. A small crack can quickly spread across the surface and result in extensive and costly damages. Therefore, advanced repair techniques and products are necessary to ensure quality results.

Strengthening techniques using polymers

Concrete that has been damaged can end up losing its strength at various load-bearing locations. Indeed, the load-bearing capacity of a concrete surface can be reduced when cracks or other damages occur. An effective repair technique is to strengthen the concrete using fibre reinforced polymers. These polymers strengthen the bonds between concrete particles and restore the structural integrity of the surface in question.

When applied strategically along load-bearing positions, they can ensure that structures remain sound and are not at risk of collapsing. Concrete strengthening can also be carried out on older structures such as bridges that need to be rehabilitated, or sidewalks that have undergone heavy use by pedestrians.

Durability and corrosion repairs using primers

Concrete repairs also need to be carried out on surfaces that have undergone wear and tear as a result of inclement weather, water damage, or chemical contamination. By applying a layer of primers, resins and coating materials, the concrete surface can have its strength restored and its appearance improved.

How do the primers work? They are essentially water-based chemicals that clean the concrete surface and prevent corrosion through their corrosive inhibitive resins. This is especially important for internal concrete surfaces such as floors. Indeed, the floors of schools, offices, and other establishments can have their appearance improved by applying primers and a coating to restore the characteristic shine of concrete floors.

Repairing cracks

Cracks are among the most common repairs that are required of concrete surfaces. Cracks can be repaired by injecting resins into the cracked surface in order to fill and seal the space. In this way, the resins prevent water and other contaminants from entering the cracks and causing further damage. Resins also add a waterproof layer to the newly sealed surface.

When applied, they can penetrate into the concrete structure and fill the spaces that arose upon damage. As a result, the structure of the concrete surface remains intact. This method is also useful for sealing walls of buildings that have cracked along various positions.