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Concrete Pumps: 3 Essential Tips for Ensuring Worksite Safety

If you are planning on building a large concrete structure on your property, you will need a concrete pump. This piece of equipment will be invaluable in ensuring that the construction work is carried out will speed and efficiency. In addition, the machine will reduce the manual labour required for the completion of the project. However, you should remember that the use of a concrete pump can present some risks on your worksite. Here are some guidelines to help you promote safety and avoid injuries.

Choose the Correct Equipment

You should choose a concrete pump that matches your construction needs. If your equipment is not suited for the essential tasks during your project, you might have to deal with serious malfunctions which could escalate into accidents. When selecting a concrete pump, you should look for a machine that matches the type of mixture that you plan to use. Some pumps might not be able to handle special concrete mixes such as those mixed with coarse aggregate. You should also check the pumping capacity of the unit. You should make sure that your chosen pump will not experience mechanical stress and overheating during the project.

Perform Pump Inspections

You should encourage your operators and other workers involved in concrete pumping to conduct inspections of the equipment before use. Unfortunate incidents can occur if a concrete pump is used while there is an underlying but undiscovered problem. Proper inspection will ensure that malfunctions are discovered during the early stages. This way, you can perform repairs before proceeding with construction processes. You should check the condition of the actual pump and the delivery hoses as well as the clamps and gaskets. If they are out of form, you should hire a technician for troubleshooting and repair. You should ensure that the concrete pump trailer is in good condition. Check the tyres, wheels and brakes for optimal safety.

Organise Your Worksite

You should keep your worksite in good order to avoid unexpected problems related to the concrete pump on your construction worksite. In some cases, an accident can occur due to the general disorganisation of the space. If the concrete pump operator cannot navigate the site comfortably or the workers keep moving haphazardly around the work area, an unfortunate event is bound to occur. Therefore, you should make time to organise the equipment and tools on your site and create a movement plan for the safety of the workers.

Finally, you should ensure that the concrete pump is operated only by qualified concrete contractors. Learn more by contacting services such as Hunter Concrete Pump Hire.