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Why Should You Use Shotcrete Pumping to Build Your Pool?

As you discuss your new pool build with your contractor, they may talk to you about various construction options. For example, when it comes to concreting your pool, your contractor may recommend that you use a shotcrete pump for the build.

What is shotcrete, and what are its benefits?

What Is Shotcrete?

Shotcrete is a type of concrete that is often used on construction projects. This concrete is often mixed with other materials such as chemicals and silica. Shotcrete gets its name because of the way it is applied. It is sprayed, or shot, on to a reinforced surface using a concrete pump. The operator uses the pump's nozzle to apply the concrete and control its application.

What Are the Advantages of Using Shotcrete?

Using a concrete pump to apply a shotcrete concrete layer to the structure of your pool has some advantages. You get a quick, strong and effective concrete layer on your walls.

For example, this is an extremely quick way to apply a layer of concrete towards the end of your pool-building process. Shotcrete comes ready mixed, so it can be pumped out as soon as it arrives in your garden.

The person applying the shotcrete works with a constant supply of materials. They simply spray the concrete to the desired thickness. They then move along the pool walls until the entire area is covered. Once the concrete is set and dry, your contractor can finish the pool off.

Shotcrete also works particularly well on pool walls. Applying concrete evenly to vertical areas isn't always easy, but shotcrete pumps work well on these spaces. The extra ingredients in a shotcrete mix allow the concrete to immediately stick to a vertical surface like a wall. It stays in place evenly as soon as it is applied.

Shotcrete is ready made to a specific strength and comes out of the pump at a specific speed and thickness. This makes it more likely that you get immediately even results that are suitable for pool construction requirements.

The operator doesn't have to do anything to make sure that the concrete is at the right strength or consistency. They can simply take a point-and-shoot approach that should give you strong and even results all over the pool.

Your contractor can explain more about why they think you should shotcrete your pool. All things being equal, if your contractor thinks that this is a good way to go, then consider taking their advice. For more information about concrete pumping, contact a concrete contractor in your area.