Making Sure The Concrete is Your Home is Cared For

Warning Signs of the Imminent Need for Residential Brick Restoration Services

Bricks may have been around for decades on end, but this material is not showing any signs of losing momentum when it comes to its popularity. In addition to being an energy-efficient choice, it is also easy to maintain, incredibly sturdy and available in carbon-neutral options too. Nonetheless, despite its renowned endurance, bricks will eventually start to exhibit signs of wear, especially when exposed to certain conditions.

Foundation movement, for example, will shift the bricks and this can lead to damage. Alternatively, severe weather changes, such as torrential rain or excessive UV exposure, can also cause structural changes to the bricks. To avoid having to pay for the costly replacement of these building materials, here are some of the warning signs of the imminent need for brick restoration services.

The mortar is deteriorating

Mortar plays a couple of crucial roles. To begin with, it is the material that keeps the bricks bonded together so it is vital for the integrity of the structure. Secondly, not many homeowners are aware of the fact that mortar also works to bear the weight that is exerted onto the constructed walls, so it enhances the stability of the structure. Over time, the mortar can be exposed to pest infestations, excessive moisture and even organic matter such as twigs that grow into it and this will lead to steady degradation.

The more mortar lost, the less secure the brickwork is and you may find that the affected walls of your home are no longer sturdy. To avoid any unfortunate accidents, it is best to seek brick restoration services. If the deterioration of the mortar is identified early, the contractors can fix the problem through tuckpointing, which entails the elimination of the remaining adhesive and replacing it with fresh mortar. If the degradation is too far gone, your contractors could recommend rebuilding the brickwork from scratch.

The bricks are cracking

While cracking is normal over time, you must know how to identify cracks that will compromise the integrity of the bricks so that they can be addressed in good time. Typically, cracks form in bricks due to settling and this is a process that occurs over a long time. If the cracks are tiny, they do not need professional attention. However, if you notice vertical cracks on your bricks that are lengthening with time, you should enlist brick restoration services.

These vertical cracks can become vulnerable to water ingress, which will result in moisture damage to the materials. Masonry contractors can seal them to mitigate this problem. Horizontal cracks, conversely, tend to stem from undiagnosed foundation problems. In this scenario, not only is it essential to seek brick restoration services but you need to have the foundation issues professionally addressed too.