Making Sure The Concrete is Your Home is Cared For

Making Sure The Concrete is Your Home is Cared For

Concrete Repair Techniques for Commercial Applications

Concrete is used in many different commercial applications. From the floors of industries and schools to driveways and sidewalks, concrete has been utilised as a durable and reliable material. However, concrete is not immune to damage. Repairing commercial concrete surfaces should be done in a high quality and timely manner. A small crack can quickly spread across the

3 Common Causes of Damage to Concrete Driveways

If you have just had a new concrete driveway installed on your property, you will no doubt want to keep it in top condition. However, despite the fact that concrete is a very strong substance, it can be severely damaged if you do not take steps to protect it. Below is a guide to some common causes of concrete damage and things you can do to prevent them. Freeze and Th

Hiring Concrete Contractors versus Undertaking a Concrete DIY Project

Do you want to build a concrete driveway? Or maybe you want to fortify your basement with concrete, or perhaps you are thinking of enhancing you're outdoors by making a concrete patio? Whatever your need, it's always advisable to hire reliable concrete contractors. Many people who have seen concrete being mixed for construction, often assume that working with concrete

Tips on Keeping Your Commercial Concrete Kerbing Looking as New Over the Long Term

If you are looking to give your commercial landscape the ultimate finished look, commercial kerbing is the way to go. Commercial kerbing is an edging system that borders driveways, walkways, lawns, patios, trees, sitting areas, and other features on your landscape.  Concrete kerbing is by far the most popular choice for businesses looking for a sensible edging pr

Tips on proper refinishing of a concrete floor

Concrete is the second most consumed product on the globe after water. When concrete floors are new and fresh, they usually look great. However, as they age, they will start developing weaknesses such as cracks and portholes. When this happens, the aesthetic value of the floor decreases greatly and its safety and cleanliness are also compromised. It is therefore impor